Circles and Happiness


I haven’t posted a song in a while and these have been on repeat for the last few days. Both of these songs are good. I like MJB’s because she sings about what we all want–at least to a certain degree. Jazmine is singing about a cycle that you find yourself in that you can’t quite get out of because it’s a circle and implies that her happiness is dependent on getting out of the circle.



Stupid Girls (the warning in a song)

So I’ve posted about a few Jazmine Sullivan songs and I must say that this entire album (Reality Show) seems to get better every time I listen to it. Jazmine has a knack for making a song for every situation and this song is no different. In it, she admonishes women to be careful of men who try to play them and who see them as meaningless playthings. Jazmine alludes to the fact that she has had this experience and wants others to be warned an not to be “stupid girls.”Great song. Just a tad bit bitter though.

Mascara-The Song

I haven’t posted about a song in a while and thought that it was time to do so. There are few albums that I’ve gotten and actually regretted the fact that I didn’t buy it the day that it was released and this is one of them. This entire CD is fire and Jazmine has a unique sound that can’t be replicated. This song is in first person and describes a woman who decides to go against the grain. While it’s not ridden with expletives there are a few for effect. The song continues on to describe a woman who decides to work smart instead of hard and allow others to finance her life while she provides certain incentives. One of the stipulations in the agreement is that she makes a deliberate effort to never not look good. This song is not the easiest to sing but Jazmine makes it seem easy as she transitions from falsetto to her chest voice effortlessly while still respecting and displaying her amazing vocal skills Now, I can’t give you all the reasons why I love this song and why it’s been on repeat for the past two weeks straight except to say that it’s one of the most well-written songs I’ve heard in the while. The lyrics match the music and Jazmine’s voice in a flawless coming together of emotion and melody that moves you. The thing I like about this album is that there are no bad songs. Each song is different and unique in its own right and conveys real human emotion. That’s what separates good music from great music.

Love you long time

I’m definitely a huge music fan and I ran across this gem of a song about a month ago on Amazon Prime music (great app by the way). I absolutely love the versatility of Jazmine’s voice and the fact that her songs actually have a coherent message. This song could have easily been a slow ballad that would have been a great first dance song at a wedding. However, the music says something completely different. It’s happy and celebratory while still preserving the weight of the lyrics. You can’t help but bob your head to the beat of the song. Which by the way has some reggae and pop influences. This song has literally been on repeat for about a month on my playlist and I like the message. Jazmine is singing about someone she loves and who she doesn’t want to lose. It’s definitely the “I’m in a relationship and I’m happy” song. Jazmine is one of the handful of artists that I consider to be “melodically articulate” (a phrase borrowed from Pharrell). Her voice is absolutely amazing and she has a signature style that can’t be duplicated by others.