Ten Steps to Excellence

While doing some very needed spring/summer cleaning I came across some notes that I wrote from someone’s presentation about four years ago. While I don’t remember their name, I do remember being more than slightly annoyed that the presentation took about two hours to get through ten points. However, in order to stay awake, I wrote down the ten points. And, I’m posting them so that I can continue throwing random pieces of paper away instead of saying “I should post this on the blog sometime.” Here goes:

1. Never be satisfied- Don’t be content with your present condition or position.

2. Be single-minded -Stick with what you start and be focused.

3. Don’t look back- Don’t be fixated by past experiences

4. Go Forward- Don’t procrastinate. Act. Set a date and get started.

5. Press On- Continue what you start

6. Be motivated from above

7. Adopt a mindset of a pace-setter. Go for something and don’t settle for status quo. Put the quo in the status. 

8. Draw inspiration from positive role models

9. Keep away from the wrong crowd and from people who make it their job to discourage you.

10. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Excellence is never an accident

I feel like I’ve been exposed to multiple speakers and actual people who have been talking about being successful and being a leader lately. This has happened multiple times per week and has come from a variety of different sources. One thing that has really hit me these past few weeks is the fact that excellence doesn’t happen by accident. Greatness is a product of intentional decisions made over a span of time. I’ve heard people say that who you really are is determined by the sum total of your day to day decisions. The truth is that while we all may not be in the same place, we all have the same 24 hours to be successful. One of my pet peeves is when people don’t respect my time. The reason for this is because time=opportunity and I could be doing something more worthwhile than waiting on people. That being said, I think that it’s so easy to become trapped in the familiar. Change is hard and making the changes to become an exceptional and successful individual is even harder. If it was easy, more people would do it. But I want to challenge you (as I’m challenging myself). To look for opportunities around you and to pick something to do each day that is directly relevant to where you want to be in life long-term. Carpe diem!