Musiq’s songs have some of the best lyrics and this one is no exception. It’s pretty self explanatory but I will say that this song is so idealistic in nature. Musiq is singing the words that many women would love to hear. Like I’ve always said, the idea of security and commitment in a relationship is comforting. I had the change to attend one of his concerts and this was one of the songs I really enjoyed hearing him perform live.


So I was recently introduced to this guy’s voice though an awesome 15 second video on IG. I’ve been “youtubing” his stuff ever since. As somewhat of a music nerd, I’m always impressed with voices that sound flawless without artificial assistance. This video is a few years old but if you were to listen to his newer stuff you would see a change in the level of his control and the cleanness of his runs. First off, I love Musiq Soulchild but I honestly think that this rendition might be better than the original. It’s a GREAT song that pretty much anyone can relate to. I have such an appreciation for people with incredible voices like his that have such a clear quality.