The face of modern chivalry

I saw this and just HAD to share it. Where are these kind of guys??? And if they do exist, can we clone them so there’s enough to go around????

Twenty20, hmmessersmith 1. After you two hang out, he texts you to make sure that you got home safely. 2. He records the shows that he knows you can’t stand, so he can watch them after you leave and won’t miss out on any time with you. 3. If his phone beeps while you’re out on a date, he won’t even…

via 27 Modern Acts Of Chivalry That Separate The Jackasses From The Gentleman — Thought Catalog

2 thoughts on “The face of modern chivalry

  1. K.Lamb says:

    They do exist! Keep looking, set your expectations high, and don’t settle!

  2. K.Lamb says:

    Actually here’s a my advice on how to “wait for the one”. The mission of my blog is to help create the gentleman of tomorrow. I want less woman to ask. Does a real gentleman still exist?! Y’all deserve a real gentleman and I want to help create more of them!

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