Winter is here 

Winter is almost here and it’s finally the Christmas season. To me it seems like Christmas is the holiday that comes around the quickest. Even if the year drags on, the time between Christmases seems short. This year I’m looking forward to less of a climate change since I’m now in a different geographical location I hope the winter will not involve scraping snow off my car at any point. But let’s be honest, the start of winter is an indication that cuffing season is yet again upon us. If you don’t know what that means, I’m sure urban dictionary will be happy to explain. Nonetheless, I think that people are more susceptible to get caught up in a whirlwind of emotions around this time of year. It’s colder, another person is another warm body, and warmth is essential. And there you go making allowances and lowering standards for something (or someone) you would have turned your nose up at during the summer or rather just politely refused. It’s during this time that some people made the sad decision to make permanent plans with temporary people not realizing that it was just cold outside and they really aren’t thinking straight. It is what it is but the nice thing is that eventually you’ll turn the heat off and once again use the sun for warmth and standards will raise once again.

What do YOU think?

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