Would you put your dreams on hold for your significant other???

This blogger asks a thought-provoking question. I’ve met a lot of people who have put their dreams on hold and regretted it on their deathbed. I’ve also met others whose dreams spelled the demise of the relationship and it was something they wished they have never done. I think that it comes down to priorities. Relationships are a give and take and there isn’t always a set formula. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with putting dreams on hold for someone who is worth it. That’s the deciding factor to me. I’m all about potential and being ambitious, but if one person wants to move forward and the other isn’t as motivated, it’s very difficult to get them to change–most likely they won’t. I think that it’s in those type of cases that people regret not making a better decision about pursuing their dreams.



So my frat brother and I had a great conversation about our “dreams” job and how some of them come with questions.

The main question that came up was this: Would put your dream job on hold for your spouse or significant other??”

I think the question comes up when someone is a Military, Politician, or Paster.

For some it’s a simple NO, or I’m NOT Ready… for some men amd women this is a question that comes up a lot more than people think.

Think about it like this, what if your husband/wife is in the Military and has to relocate or gets deployed and you have the option to come? What if your husband/wife is a politician and needs you to be by their side?

What happens when your dreams become you and your spouses dream?

On Facebook Viewer said: On hold does not mean rejection, it’s just…

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2 thoughts on “Would you put your dreams on hold for your significant other???

  1. Madame B says:

    What is a paster?

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