Recently, I’ve come across a relationship situation that doesn’t quit fit the “just friends” category that we like to put platonic male and female relationships into. It’s not the friend zone where there’s a decided lack of interest on one side. It’s more complicated that that. I like to call it being in the homie-hood. In this case, you are not thousands of miles away from a romantic relationship, you’re actually in the neighborhood. However there’s is a deliberate sense of ambivalence being in a homie-hood. There has never been an understanding as to where the relationship stands so both people have the liberty of drawing their own conclusions around the interactions that happen between the two of them. They don’t take the time to have a conversation about the status of the relationship. There’s an unspoken rule that at the very least, both people are cool with each other. At this point neither will admit that they are playing the song and dance of a relationship without any of the commitment or labels that might come from a more deliberate decision to pursue a romantic relationship. There are no rules and all the lines are blurred. While this leaves a lot of room for misunderstandings, both people decide that it’s not worth rocking the boat over it. While you know when you’ve been friendzoned, the homie-hood sort of just happens. There’s no warning and no definite communication. It’s a sea of grey; which means that all things are open for personal interpretation because neither party will clarify. It may seem better than the friendzone but in reality it’s a place uncertainty because there’s a lack of communication and an understanding that there is an “understanding.” This is in spite of the fact that neither party has actually defined anything or discussed expectations. It’s a friendship that has the potential for something more but floats along in the sea of possibilities without dropping an anchor.

What do YOU think?

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