Potential Patrol

I love potential. I admit it. Not necessarily potential in myself, but potential in other people. I think of potential and ambition as somewhat linked together. I can see all the potential in the world in someone but if they don’t have ambition, they are just a waste of potential. No one reaches their potential accidentally. It takes planning and a desire to do something worthwhile. I remember when I was about 10 or 11, I decided that I would do something productive with my life. While I don’t know if I’ll ever “arrive” and proclaim that I’ve reached my potential, I do know that I’ll be able to honestly say that I tried. As much as I like potential, I don’t think that it should form the basis of any type of relationship. People rarely change and when they do, it’s their decision. Being in a relationships with someone thinking that you’ll inspire them to do better and to reach their potential is stupid. Plain and simple. You want to be with someone who has shown some kind of progress toward fulfilling their potential. No, they don’t have to have fulfilled it yet, but actually knowing about it is a good first step. I think that women are notorious for making huge investments in a potential partner because they see potential. However, they quickly are disappointed because potential does not equal ambition. Why not avoid the disappointment and be with someone who has actually made an effort to fulfill their potential? Chances are, you’ll be happier with that decision.  Everyone has potential. Few have ambition.