Valid but Irrelevant

I feel like so much time is spent on people’s feelings. I say this in the context of therapy and relationships. Feelings aren’t necessarily bad but they can blind us as to what’s going on. Almost everyone can think of a time where they didn’t want to do something or didn’t feel like doing something but yet they did it anyway. Were their feelings any less valid? No. Most probably had a legitimate reason to feel the way that they did. One thing I found myself thinking about this week was that our feelings are always valid. This means that we feel the way we do for a variety of reasons that don’t require an explanation. While the feelings are always valid, they are sometimes not relevant. This means that we have to take the time to look beyond what’s now. While validating our own feelings we can also acknowledge the fact that at times feelings are completely irrelevant. Meaning that while they can be uncomfortable, we can’t afford to base our lives on the shaky foundation of how we feel.

What do YOU think?

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