Food for thought


I’m not necessarily against being hard on yourself. I think that striving toward a goal and challenging ourselves can be a good thing. Nonetheless, having a good cry can be a way to release some tension. I think more women than men might be more comfortable with this but the truth of the matter is that you can acknowledge your feelings when you cry them out instead of keeping them in. I’m definitely talking to myself as someone who really isn’t a “cryer.” I love this quote because it’s a reminder that it’s easier to move on when you can acknowledge how you feel. And crying can be a part of that process.

3 thoughts on “Food for thought

  1. Alisha, I quite agree. I really liked the picture, and your commentary was spot-on.
    Also, I am a male, and while it is perhaps more difficult (in general), and rarer for us to cry, it is just as refreshing. I feel like part of the reason we cry less often could be processing, but I’m not sure I could explicitly explain what I mean there without quite a bit of thinking.
    I also think it noteworthy that there are male “cryers” and female “non-cryers” – and you mentioned not being much of a “cryer” – but I think everyone stands to gain from letting loose occasionally and letting ourselves feel it, even if we may not want to cry.

    I often read your posts and this is the first I have commented on, so I would also add that I love reading your thoughts and appreciate that you put them out to share.

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