Be Ok–Chrisette Michele

I’m a music enthusiast. Point blank. Growing up, I was exposed to many different types of music and I had the chance to learn about some of the technicalities of music through my years of piano lessons. All that aside, this song has quickly become one of my favorites. I think of it as the “I will survive” song of the 21st century. Chrisette’s voice is so unique and I love how the words fits the music. Listen carefully and you’ll notice that when the chorus starts, there’s a deliberate shift in the notes as opposed to the verses. Chrisette is making a declaration and proclaiming that she’ll be ok–despite feeling hurt. This song is probably one of the best “get over him” songs that’s been made in a LONG time and I like it because it’s catchy and also can be applied to so many other life situations. Plus, it’s just well written.

What do YOU think?

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