Relationship Status

We all have a Facebook profile. At least most of us. We use it for many purposes that vary from playing games to finding out what our friends, acquaintances, and perfect strangers are doing. Facebook has a way of making you feel connected with people that you may not see on a daily basis. It makes the world feel smaller and can be a great way to find that long lost friend who you lost contact with years ago. Facebook gives you the opportunity to share your relationship status with the world. Are you single? Is it complicated? Are you in a relationship? Or maybe a domestic partnership? It has gotten to the point that many couples can’t wait to make their relationship “Facebook Official.” After deciding to be in a relationship they race to their respective computers/phone/other device and update their relationship status and tell the world that they now in a relationship with a significant other. This post can be commented on or “liked” by their friends. But at what point is it no longer cool to update your relationships status? Should a couple who has a relationship on the rocks update their relationship status to “Complicated?” Does anyone else have a right to know that you are having problems in your marriage? While I don’t think that’s the case, I know that a lot of people believe differently and use Facebook to post about the other individual and give others information about the fights that they’ve had. This sucks other people into what is going and can be even more detrimental for the relationships. Next time you go to update your relationship status, think. Then think again.

What do YOU think?

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