On the road again

One of the things that I enjoy doing is blogging while in a different country. I don’t know exactly why except that it’s a totally different feeling to be typing from across the globe. I’m awake at an ungodly hour and realizing that I’ll need to be awake and alert in a few hours. Yet, the jet lag struggle is still real.  I’m currently on a short trip to Paris and it’s cool. Good people, good food, different culture. While I’ll never wait this long again before I go on a vacation, I must say that the wait and the countdown was all worth it. I think about the fact that that going out of the country is on the bucket lists of a lot of people but yet they never get the chance to go because of situations and various circumstances. I’m grateful that it’s my second time here and it’s a totally different experience. I’ve gotten the chance to ride the subway more and (redundant I know) eat a lot of French food. I have picked up a few more key French phases and connected with some old friends. It’s been good so far. However, I find myself taking less pictures than I did last year and enjoying the moments more without the need to capture it with a picture. Great feeling. I should never have made this trip only last one week. My one regret so far.

What do YOU think?

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