Opinions can be wrong

I ran across this article that was posted by one of my Facebook friends. You can read it here. To be completely fair, I think that it can be categorized as an opinion piece. To be clear, I do not agree with a lot of the author says but I think he has some valid points. I’m someone who tends to see things in black and white and although I know that life doesn’t always happen that way, I do appreciate the times when things are clear cut. That being said, I’ve read multiple discussions on social media where people have posted things as fact that really aren’t. The author uses several example of this and brings out the point that opinions can be wrong. The fact that it’s your opinion doesn’t negate the fact that you’re wrong. Of course we live in a world where tolerance (supposedly) is what many people report they are striving towards. No one wants to hear that they are wrong and no one wants to be the elected person to tell the individual that they are, in fact, very wrong. These confrontations about right vs. wrong are often relegated to social media because it’s less intimidating than challenging someone to their face and telling them that they are wrong. You can hide behind your computer screen and argue your opinion like a pro–with the help of google and additional sources. A perfect environment. Last thing. The author specifically mentions the opinion of many people who believe that vaccines don’t cause autism. it’s a huge debate these days with some serious implications. All I’ll say is that I’ve personally met parents who have kids who developed autism after getting vaccinated. But that’s just opinion–or so they say.

What do YOU think?

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