The Tinder Experiment

My brother was the one who showed me this video and it was SO interesting. The video is pretty self explanatory so I won’t explain it in detail. However, I will say that it definitely sheds light on some of the challenges of online dating. I think that it’s very telling of the significance we place on attractiveness and appearances. I love the dry humor of the host of the video and the way that they approached the experiment. That being said, I wonder if results would be different if the experiment targeted one specific college campus.

One thought on “The Tinder Experiment

  1. mandirito says:

    Tinder is just creepy. I’m recently single and I’ve come to realize that Tinder is more about sex than anything else, especially because I’m in a college city. It might actually change depending on the city you’re in.
    I loved this video! The host was funny and the experiment definitely caught me off guard. I didn’t realize that so many people would respond to a bot convo so willingly in the first instance.
    Great post, Alisha!

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