Technological Laughs

With the coming of the Iphone 6 and also the Apple watch, I came across a satirical article that made me laugh slightly. The article focused on the Apple watch and some of it’s features. However these features were incredibly hilarious and they included starting and stopping the flow of time, discreet but not so discreet that other’s can’t see you’re wearing an expensive watch, and making it easier for muggers to tell if your watch is expensive. As someone who likes technology, it’s always interesting to me how easy it is to get very attached to our devices. A few years ago my cell phone was stolen. It was somewhat of a traumatic experience because I quickly found that I was more attached to the phone than I had originally thought. One thing that was especially sad for me was the fact that I had a 32gb memory card inside the phone that was not backed up. As a result, I lost over a thousand songs and pictures I had accumulated over the past four years. Sad day. However it was a reminder that while technology has made our lives easier, there’s still nothing like the human connection and face to face personal contact instead of text messages or emails.

What do YOU think?

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