Water thoughts

I’ve wrote quite a few times about how much I like to travel. One thing that I enjoy as a part of my travels is going to the beach or a body of water. I remember once driving with a friend who explained that how they liked bodies of water as well. Sitting on a beach can be one of the most relaxing experiences. There’s something comforting about a nice sea breeze, sunshine, and a good book. Lakes and rivers are a close second to the ocean. It’s all about having an environment of peace. The getting away from it all. The escaping the monotony of daily life and enjoying the simple things like a large body of water away from what you may be used to. Cultivating a habit of enjoying the simple things in life is rewarding because it reminds you to smell the roses. Sitting by a body of water can make you contemplate your life in detail in an environment that is positive. It’s pretty hard NOT to relax when you’re there. At least for a few moments.


One thought on “Water thoughts

  1. LM says:

    Agreed. I especially love jumping into them.

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