Selfie Sickness

Selfie Sickness

This article really caught my attention because it discusses a relationship between selfies and mental illness. There’s a story of a young man who actually attempted suicide because he could not take the perfect selfie The thing with social media and selfies is that you automatically get validation from all the likes and double taps. Therefore, when you post something that nobody “likes” or “double-taps” you feel some kind of way. There’s so much work that goes into getting into the right lighting and putting the camera at a certain angle to capture your “good” side. It’s the epitome of self-absorption. Especially in large doses. We’ve all known someone who is prone to post pics upon pics of their life and unless their life is actually interesting, it quickly becomes annoying. I would bet that pretty soon there will be a diagnosable “selfie disorder” that mental health professionals will be using in the next few years. 

2 thoughts on “Selfie Sickness

  1. Madame B says:

    This is completely true. I sometimes wonder if I have a mild disorder. I know that I don’t like posting up statuses that no one will care about. Why share such an intimate part of me just so that it can get rejected? However, I do have a friend that posts up everything and I get seriously annoyed. Can’t you keep anything private and to yourself?

  2. carol vickers says:

    So true! I can see that diagnose coming,. would love to read that article

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