This picture really made me think. So many times I’ve heard people say that we get what we deserve. They use this perspective to justify the reason why people can be in numerous toxic relationships. Along with this mindset comes the assumption that if you work on yourself and become better, than you’ll immediately attract a better caliber of people. But the honest truth is I think a lot of people want to feel that their significant other is an upgrade from themselves. I don’t know if people can be literally perfect for each other but I think that they can strongly complement each other. Think about it. Wouldn’t you  work harder and do more to keep something you felt you didn’t deserve as opposed to something on your level? 

2 thoughts on “Complementarity

  1. Madame B says:

    I’m not sure. In a way, I feel that is the case in my relationship. There are areas of life that he is stronger in and makes me want to work harder. He comments on things concerning me that makes him work harder. So in a way, that is true.

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