This Generation’s Hero is Somewhere in You!

I don’t usually do a lot of reblogs but I felt that this was was especially timely. It was written by a Facebook friend of mine who I met when I was 13. We talk about all the problems of this world but many times neglect to mention the connection between childhood and growing up to be responsible adults. I like how he discusses an issue that is usually ignored and the importance of mentoring and making a difference when children are still young instead of trying to implement interventions later on in their lives. Great read.



When I was younger I remember reading a book called “Are You My Mother.” In the book the little chick hopped along asking different animals and objects such as a crane if they were its’ mommy. At the time I thought it was comical and an absurd idea that this little chick didn’t know who its’ mommy was. Years later, the concept of the book haunts my mind every day as I work with children who don’t know their mommies and daddies. Growing up these children did not have a superman, a superwoman, a spider man, a wolverine, a cat woman a black widow, an incredible hulk, an iron man or a wonder woman. They did not have mommy or daddy.

School is supposed to be a place where pupils of all different ages come to learn from the most eruditious and passionate people in their subject area. However, as…

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