You can only hide for but so long

This is a post written by a friend of mine and yes, it did happen. I’ve posted a few of my thoughts about online dating throughout some of the time that I’ve had this blog. One day I’ll have to write about some of my own experiences when I’m a bit more removed. Aside from the glowing commercials highlighting the rewards of finding a lifelong partner through the internet, we all know that everyone isn’t what they portray themselves to be online. This post is definitely a testament to that fact. Happy reading.


Good morning!

What an interesting week it has been. In my online and real life dating world, I went from famine to feast and back to famine, again. So, I received a message from a guy. His pictures seemed okay, but not great. He described himself as 5’11” and “a few extra pounds”. We spoke on the phone. He was perfect-on paper; a federal employee, retired military, only 1 adult child, and no ex-wife drama. He seemed intelligent and well spoken. He even made me laugh. However, by the next phone call, he made an inappropriate comment. I was very clear that was not acceptable to me. He apologized. A couple of days later, he sent an inappropriate text. I did not respond. He apologized. He did it a third time. I did not respond. Finally, he caught on. He promised no more inappropriate texts or statements.

Now, throughout this…

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