Accepting the inevitable

Accepting the inevitable

One of my Instagram friends posted this picture and it really made me think. My first thought was that I agreed with the saying but I didn’t know why. One of the thoughts that came to my head was the fact that people who are intelligent and/or have a big heart are often misunderstood. They are either disregarded or taken advantage of because of who they are. While there are positive aspects of being intelligent and having a deep heart, I think that there is a higher level of responsibility that comes along with these traits. It’s easy for people to put you on a pedestal or assume that you’ll do something because of your big heart. These same people are then some of the first to point fingers because you didn’t live up to their expectations. But that’s just my two cents… What do you think about the statement? Is it true?

2 thoughts on “Accepting the inevitable

  1. Madame B says:

    Personally, I believe that pain and suffering is inevitable for any individual. I don’t think it attracts the intelligence and deep heart any more than the selfish and “stupid” heart. I just think the either hide it better or they are too “stupid” to realize that they are suffering and in pain. I think we are a step ahead and closer to finding healing when you can be “smart” enough to realize that you are hurting, do something about it and yet still serve in a way that helps people. Yes, you might meet a few people who will take advantage and hurt you. But there is always that amazing encounter with that one person. Helping them made your efforts worth working and despite being hurt by others, you feel satisfied knowing that you could empower another soul. At least our pain and suffering serves a purpose. I would hate to be in pain for no good reason.

    • alisha2013 says:

      I agree, although I think there’s another component to emotional pain for someone who is highly intelligent and has a deep heart. I’m not saying that it’s any worse than someone who doesn’t have those traits, but I think that it hurts in a different way.

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