Bumming Around

These past few weeks or so I’ve had the wonderful privilege of having a relaxed schedule due to some fairly unforeseen circumstances. I can’t even explain how nice it is to look at my calendar and see days where there isn’t anything scheduled. While I like to be busy, I also do not mind not being busy. Maybe it’s the fact that earlier this year I was balancing two jobs, two schools, and a pretty decent client load. As nice as it is to be needed, sometimes it’s just as nice to not be needed. It’s been nice having somewhat of a break and it’s made me realize the importance of taking time out to actually rest, create a strategy, and decompress. Up to this point I’ve managed to escape the 9-5 40 hour workweek that so many people do. However, it’s about time for me to point my career in that direction–at least for a while. As much as I like doing my own thing, I also like being able to pay my bills on time. I could so totally be a housewife if given the opportunity. But somehow I know that I probably wouldn’t be so happy having that occupation for decades. I definitely need to make use of this $200,000 + education. Get some of that money back and recoup my investment. It’s nice to take a break but I’m also taking steps to start to fill up my schedule again and (gasp) actually probably give the 9-5 thing a shot. Thankfully there are already several things in motion, but until then I’m going to enjoy the privilege of midday naps.