Traits & Me

I agree with this blogger that honesty is a very important trait to have. Over the years I’ve learned to separate people who have good intentions and make promises from people who are willing to be honest about their expectations and follow through. Great read.


There are certain traits I admire in the people I interact with, be they my friends, coworkers or managers. At the top of my list of admirable traits is honesty. Honesty is most important to me because I believe it reflects one’s true character. If people are dishonest and cannot even keep their word with the small things in life, there is nothing preventing that dishonesty from rolling over to the bigger things. Having truthful interactions with people is key in developing healthy relationships, especially when in leadership roles. Positivity is another important trait to me. This is an infectious trait, and being around people that exude positivity creates a more positive, successful environment as a whole. Adversely, being around negative people creates an uncomfortable, unproductive environment. Related to my outlook on passion in one’s work, I view motivation as another key trait. True motivation comes from believing in your…

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