Why Travelling Post Break Up Is The Best Thing You Can Do!!

I loved reading about this author’s experience and I agree with her. As someone who tries to travel as much as possible, it’s nice to have a break from familiar places and people and explore the unknown. I also think that traveling gives you time for more self-reflection. You aren’t working and you aren’t tied up with many of the things that consume you in your day to day life. There’s an opportunity to enjoy the moments, take pictures, meet new people, and make your own schedule. Seeing things on the other side of the world is a very effective means of seeing your own world through different eyes.


Hi there!

So I’m about to get a little personal. Approximately 4 months ago now I broke up with the man that I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. Obviously he did not feel the same. I won’t bore you with the details but I was absolutely HEARTBROKEN. I kept going with my everyday life but god it was hard some days. Now, me and ex-love of my life, let’s call him Bob for arguments sake, had planned an amazing Contiki trip all through Europe. Of course, as soon as we split that’s the last thing I wanted to do. Why would I go on a trip to a foreign place by myself? I was already lonely enough and what if everyone else rejected me like he did? Sound familiar?

Eventually my friends and family convinced me that I absolutely had to go. So…

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3 thoughts on “Why Travelling Post Break Up Is The Best Thing You Can Do!!

  1. steffier90 says:

    Thanks for the reblog hun!

  2. Madame B says:

    I love this concept of traveling after a break up. I definitely should have done this. LOL.

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