Drive and motivation

These two concepts have been at the forefront of my mind these past few days. I love drive. It’s that inner feeling that there’s something bigger waiting for you. It’s knowing that despite your current circumstances, you won’t stay down forever. It’s the knowledge that there’s always something to push towards, a goal or idea that has to be accomplished. I’ve noticed that many people have drive but can lack the motivation to follow through. People tend to pick something outside of themselves as a source of motivation. The desire to grow and empire for one’s children or grandchildren or even the idea of making a difference in the world that is tangible. But what happens when the drive is present but the source of motivation is lacking? When you have the drive and ambition needed to be successful but you can’t find something or even an idea bigger than yourself that is a source of motivation? While drive can take you far, motivation can take you further because it’s all about your mindset. What prompts you to work hard and do what others won’t in order to be successful? The truth of the matter is that it’s harder to be successful without a good source of motivation. Whether you’re working for your future grandchildren or grinding because you want your kids to experience more than you did, motivation is what affects longevity. When you get tired, it’s the image or the goal that makes you push through because it’s something that you want. Drive can do this as well, but many times it’s just sheer determination because the motivation isn’t present. 

What do YOU think?

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