Maximum Benefit

The term “maximum benefit” often refers to the exhaustion of one’s health benefits of some sort. It can also refer to the ending of treatment because it has either been terminated successfully or it has ceased to be effective and there is a slim to none chance that the individual will benefit from further treatment. We’ve all had situations in our lives that have reached maximum benefit. One of the examples of this are old friends that you find yourself growing away from. It’s not that they’re bad people and it’s not that the friendship hasn’t been good. It’s just that the relationship has reached it’s maximum benefit. It can’t continue further without the expense of continuing growth. It’s at this point that a decision has to be made. Many times you just have to cut your losses and walk away because staying longer would no longer be beneficial in any capacity. This is a hard truth to accept. Especially if this relationship or friendship has become a habit. It’s not easy walking away from years of memories because you know you need to do something different. The familiar is comfortable but it creates a very small box that traps you. You can’t go any farther in the relationship because you’ve reached maximum benefit. It may not get worse but it most definitely won’t get any better. It’s in these situations that you need a paradigm shift, a change of perspective. Don’t stay in the same place or in the same relationship that has reached its maximum benefit. You’ll lose out on opportunities and better things because you couldn’t let go.¬†

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