Time Change

So lately I’ve been working a lot of overnight shifts and it’s somewhat funny how cut off I feel from the rest of the “regular” world. And yet, I still have the same amount of obligations outside of work that I did when I worked during the day. One thing I’ve learned is that a lot of overnight shifts tend to test my sanity. I use so much more self control than I would if I was working during the day. The introverted side of me comes out in a huge way and all of a sudden I just want to sleep. Kind of like right now. Sleep takes precedence over pretty much everything else. Except maybe getting homework done. I really have to prioritize my tasks in order to even be somewhat productive despite feeling like a zombie. My body is furious at me for depriving it of a proper night’s rest and I’m not exactly elated about it. However, some things in life have to be done regardless of whether or not they’re “fun” or even convenient. I have so much respect for people who work third shift for years because I think it takes more discipline and organization than a typical 9-5.  

What do YOU think?

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