Ring Wars

Without numerous spoilers on the nature of this video I will say that it will definitely make you think about an age-old practice. While I haven’t done the research myself to personally prove the validity of the assertions, it makes a lot of sense to me. But you be the judge.

Stop the Bashing

There are few things in life more irritating than writing something substantially long and then realizing that it didn’t save. Nevertheless, this is draft number two. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of man bashing posts on social media and also in conversations. The problem with this is that the complaints go from “I can’t find a man” to “all men are dogs” to “I don’t need a man and I never will.” Women complain about chivalry being obsolete but fail to recognize that we had a big role in its demise. There’s an independent woman attitude but below it is insecurity and sadness. Women who say that men are all dogs do themselves a huge disservice. They apparently think that their situations will be inclined to change after talking about the horrible mistakes of the last man they dated. The truth of the matter is that if every man you’ve dated has done you wrong, you’re the common denominator. YOU are the problem. While you can’t be responsible for the actions of others, you can decide how you respond to them and what role they play in your life. Condemning a whole gender because of the actions of a few is not only pointless but shows everyone your lack of maturity. It’s not cute or funny to do it because you’re setting yourself up to not appreciate a good man if he comes. Women complain that there aren’t any good man left but that isn’t true. Many times they’re hiding in the emotional no-fly zone called the friendzone and are just disregarded. You’re not likely to find a good man if you continue bashing all men. If all your girlfriends are single, fat, and bitter, chances are that you’ll end up as at least one of those things. But regardless of all that, man bashing just doesn’t make sense and at the end of the day, it’s just not productive.

“You and I were created for growth and development, and to reach our full potential. It is the object, the essence of our being. To possess an ambition to expand larger and more broadly each day, to push the horizon of ignorance a little further away, to become a bit richer in knowledge, a tad wiser, and more of what we were created to be–that is our worthwhile objective.” -Dennis Kimbro

This was something that really stuck out to me and I immediately highlighted it through my very 21st century Kindle book app. I think of all the people who have never fully reached their potential. Is it their fault? Were they never given the tools to succeed? Were they never interested in moving past the monotony of daily life into their life calling? Every case is different just like every person. Having the ambition to push further each day and to learn something new that can be applied to one’s life is a habit that will bring success in multiple areas of our lives. It’s so easy to get caught up in the stresses of today that we forget to prepare for tomorrow. Maybe that’s why this quote challenges us to make obtaining knowledge and wisdom a priority while also assuring these actions have their own rewards. 

“You and I were…